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Comboland! A catchy phrase coined by Godfrey Cheshire to describe the Rock Music that was coming out of the Carolinas in the middle ‘80’s. Godfrey provided some additional details in the December issue of Metro Magazine. There were so many great rock bands that should have gotten the big record deal and lots of radio airplay. I can’t do much about those big record deals but with Comboland Radio I can give those artists and the ones that followed an entire radio station! Here it is…. Comboland Radio! All day every day you can listen to this great music, much of it out of print and unavailable anywhere else!! As support for the radio station and the bands/artists it features grow so will the website! There is a link on the page to listen to the station. Please do and tell all of your friends. Should you have trouble listening from the link here just go to the Live365 web site and enter Comboland in the search box. It is there too! For a little background on the name and our mission go the "History" page. You'll also find links to some other cool blogs and websites to visit. For a list of the artists we play go to our "Band List" Comments and suggestions are welcome. Just email me at moose at combolandradio dot com (entered in this fashion to help reduce spam, you know how to enter it in your email!).
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My day job is managing a group of radio stations on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. After 7 years off the air budget cuts forced me back on the air on a daily basis on one of our stations, Beach 104. The format is "Hot AC" so the music is quite a bit different that what is featured here. However if you want hear what I sound like these days I'm on every morning from 6-10. Plus I guarantee we are the ONLY Hot AC station in the world with fishing reports! Click here to go to the Beach 104 Home Page. Or click below to listen to beach 104.

Need a DJ for a party or wedding? Then you need the OBX DJ. Especially if you are on the Outer Banks!!! I am willing to travel. So maybe you're planning a retro party and would like some of the coolest tunes on the planet... you know... the tunes from Comboland!! Whatever you music needs are the OBX DJ can make you happy! Click the logo below for more information!

OBX DJ is a music and entertainment service located on The Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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  Southern Culture On The Skids, Stratocruiser, Bustello, Superchunk,
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Go to the MySpace Blog for Comboland Radio, or the Comboland Radio Blogspot, for updates. Go to the Comboland Radio Facebook page and see my photos from arrogance @ 40. Make Plans now for the Arrogance New Years Eve party to rock in 2011 at The Cat's Cradle.

What Will You Hear On Comboland Radio?

The music played on Comboland Radio is primarily Rock Music from North Carolina, South Carolina and southern Virginia, with a few outsiders thrown in… but they usually have some sort of connection. Back in the day it was called "The North Carolina Music Scene", "The Triangle Music Scene", The Raleigh Music Scene", The Chapel Hill Music Scene", "The Insert Your Town Name Here Music Scene". Durham, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Norfolk, the all had bars, clubs and bands. This site and the station both deal with Rock based music. The sub-genres would include Alternative, Power Pop, Punk, New Wave, Jangle Pop, Indie Rock, with some Funk and Alt. Country and Rock-A-Billy thrown in just for fun. You will not find "Beach Music" here. This is meant to put down that genre and those who love it. That just means you won’t find it here. There are several outlets for "Beach Music” on the web, and even a few terrestrial radio stations playing it full time. One of my great friends and mentors is former WKIX personality Charlie Brown. You can hear his syndicated program "On The Beach" on many radio stations in the southeast. If you like Soul Music and Beach Music you will love this show.

The History page explains where the term “Comboland” came from and the geographic area it, generally, encompasses.

Comboland Radio plays North Carolina Rock Music from the mid to early ‘70’s all the up to today. From the 70’s and early ‘80’s you will hear songs from Arrogance, The Fabulous Knobs, The Sneakers, The X-Teens, The Spongetones, Nantucket, The Killer Whales, The Accelerators, The Bad Checks and many others. From the mid ‘80’s through the early 90’s you will tunes from Let’s Active, The Woods, The Othermothers, The dB’s, The Pressure Boys, The Connells, Fetchin’ Bones, solo efforts from Arrogance members Don Dixon, Robert Kirkland, Rod Abernethy and Scott Davison, PKM, Glass Moon, Southern Culture On The Skids and lots more. Also included from the 90’s are Superchunk, Corrosion Of Conformity, Ben Folds Five, Dillon Fence, The Popes, DAG, and plenty more.

I am really trying to keep this from being a Classic Rock station. There are a bunch of new bands in Comboland and many of the “classic” Comboland artists are still releasing new CD’s. SCOTS, Don Dixon, The Spongetones, The Jump Rabbits, Mitch Easter and Terry Anderson’s Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team, Parthenon Huxley are just a few “classic” artists still making great music. The new bands are quite good and, at least I think, sound great with the older stuff! Check out Hammer No More The Fingers, Parmalee, I Was totally Destroying It, The Annuals, Aminal, The Bleeding Hearts, The T’s, The Cartridge Family and others I discover every week. 

For a complete list of the bands/artists currently featured on Comboland Radio go to the Band List page Every band listed has at least 1 song in active rotation.

Comments are welcome and suggestions are welcome!! Also… If you or your band is not featured here and you think should be please contact me about submitting material. 

Has Miley Cyrus Ripped Off
Th' Cigaretz?!?

North Carolina Punk Band Th Cigaretz

Listen to the audio clip below...

Thanksgiving weekend 2008 I broke the news that, in my opinion, "Fly On The Wall" by Miley Cyrus sounded a lot like "Apartmentalivin" by the Cigaretz. Raleigh News And Observer Music Critic David Menconi found Cigaretz member Byron McCay and got his take on the situation. Click here for the article.

On September 18th, 2010 Cigaretz guitarist and co-founder Jerry Williams died due to complications of liver disease. Go to links here and here for more information on Jerry and his career after 'th Cigaretz. RIP Jerry.